SH Business COM can save you (working with smartphones, tablets, and laptops) a lot of time, money, and nerves. That´s because our approach is not device-dependent but system-oriented. As a result,  the outcome is a perfect synthesis of your terminal equipment, applications, contracts, and the network.

No matter whether your company has 10 or 10,000 employees: a perfectly functioning mobile infrastructure noticeably pays off. We develop the individual concept for your company and support you in its setup, optimization, and maintenance. That protects you from technical failures, saves you valuable working hours and, thus, money. We collaborate with all mobile service providers and manufacturers, offer globally operating carriers and know their respective advantages, but also points of possible profit leakage or technical flaws in contracts.

Our advantages for your mobile communication:

  • Overview and experience: We compare equipment and services, find the ideal solutions, and order everything for you
  • Technical know-how: replacement, repair, and maintenance of the hardware
  • Mobile phone service: procurement of numbers and activation of SIM cards
  • Optimisation and support: continuous monitoring, renegotiation, and customization of the mobile communication solution
  • Monitoring of tariffs and expenses: order and contract management, auditing, reporting, and tariff optimization
  • Installation and configuration: complete default setting of the respective terminal equipment with the required programs