04/15/2015 - 09:52
SH - Ihr Coach

LTE, UMTS, data flatrates and hotspots make mobile working possible – but that doesn´t mean smooth! SH business COM analyzes your existing processes and/or technologies and ensures better accessibility. Learn more about why optimized coordination is of such importance for your business.

Fewer and fewer professionals spend their whole work day exclusively at their desk. One works while on the move, at home, at the customer´s company, and then again at the office.

Unfortunately, in that process, it´s often not the work that is most challenging but rather the question of whether everything works smoothly: is there a reliable access to projects and data from any device? Does it waste time? Does it waste the company´s money? And is the colleague over there really working on the latest version?

As your coach we illustrate how you can connect your current components and technologies future-proof to the mobile world. This happens on a basis of extensive consultations and, if necessary, of joint workshops. This leads to an exact needs assessment and finally to your business master plan.

SH business COM as your coach can bring about:

  • More flexibility: Through access to company processes, anytime, anywhere, and independent of the device
  • More speed: Planning, coordination and communication become more precise, easier, and faster
  • More confidence: If needed, we support your staff in daily business, at the customer´s company, on site