04/15/2015 - 09:52
SH - Ihr Scout

Do you want to improve your current structures for mobile working? Together with you, SH business COM will find a strategy that positions you better for the future. Optimized guidelines might also be welcomed by your IT-department – and even by the works council.

As your scout, together with you, we create a roadmap with several stages and with corresponding advantages and costs. We examine your existing structures and uncover areas of potential improvement. That could consist of more suitable equipment, more favorable tariffs, or a better connection to your processes. An integrated concept can also take pressure off your IT and can result in all business areas pulling together more in the future. As a consequence, the way to move forward becomes clear for the management, area managers, and everyone else involved. It also ensures that changes do not impede the workflow at any time.

SH business COM as scout provides for efficient mobile working:

  • We support you in corporate processes
  • We obtain the right equipment for you and offer support
  • You get the ideal tariffs or optimize your current ones
  • We demonstrate the proper application of the equipment to your qualified employees
  • We provide clear reasoning as a decision-making basis for your data protection and the works council