SH Mobility: Transparent and optimal tariffs any time

Comparing tariffs, changing terms, booking options, following up on invoice data, controlling costs… what is time-consuming for only a few smartphones and tablets, often leads to confusing situations when many different devices and users are involved. That´s why SH offers you the service „SH mobility“: For more transparency and less administration time.

SH Mobility analyzes your telecommunication processes, automatically makes them transparent and thus opens up amazing savings potential. You can either retrieve your results in a standardized way or have them be individualized.

In the process, we first screen your workflow in regard to your telecommunication. Thus we can adjust your contracts precisely to their respective requirements. Many companies profit from our in-depth knowledge of subject matter and tariffs to avoid unnecessary efforts and to instead focus on their core strengths.

Depending on needs and processes, we offer SH mobility in different modules:


Overview anyplace and anytime.

Don´t get bogged down in paperwork but make your peace with your workload. The browser-based mobility Online conveniently delivers contract details and consumption data onto your screen. The clear controlling surface allows you to quickly find all relevant data in viewable lists. Whether in mobile communications, fixed line or TC system, page turning in folders or excel file maintenance becomes redundant. Thus you remain at the helm of the action and can react quickly to disadvantageous tariffs. On the side you can also manage PINs and PUKs efficiently.

If desired, we can handle due contract extensions for you or take care of timely upgrades.

  • Transparent telecommunication
  • Optimal contract management
  • Saving time when administering contracts


Analyses representative consumption data, detects unnecessary costs.

Whoever is aware of all the possibilities, knows where it is possible to save. That´s why we, in a first analysis, screen your existing costs and then group them and prepare them for optimization.

In a deeper needs analysis, tariffs and options are examined based on the consumption data on the invoices – as well as beyond your basic agreement. That way you get answers to significant questions: Are there attractive options that are not yet included in the tariff? Which tariffs can be readjusted? We can negotiate that with your provider and get a corresponding discount.

If your provider introduces new tariffs, you can also have your basic agreement renegotiated once a year. Considering that many processes change in the course of the year, one should take advantage of this opportunity. Best with SH!

By doing a comparison, we can also tell you whether it would make sense to change your current provider or whether using a different one would be more favorable.

  • Always the individually best tariff
  • Listing of invoice data according to your needs
  • Security by means of a useful overview
  • Quick detection of cost anomalies


The controlling aid helping you to monitor your costs.

Through threshold values, this module detects cost anomalies of individual users – be it due to foreign operations or due to missing data options. That means that avoidable expenses or misbooked tariffs could soon be a thing of the past. Each employee receives a cost overview and, for checking purposes, the head of the service cost center gets a cost report by email.

The result is a six-eye principle because each employee sees his or her costs, the head of the service cost center sees the costs, and whoever is responsible for mobile communications gets an overview.

And if you want, SH also monitors costs, so that eight eyes are involved and cost anomalies can´t slip by.

Consumption patterns are checked on the basis of criteria which are defined in advance. Optionally we recommend tariffs more appropriate to the situation and also reassign them for you. The overviews can be individualized in accordance with your company branding.

  • Security through regular cost control
  • Timely possibilities for alterations
  • Maximum cost transparency through redundant supervision


The ideal base for a strategy formation.

Do you still struggle laboriously with your own excel lists? Save yourself that valuable time. We deliver the developments of connections, costs, and positions to you in a lucid form that you can work with. Each month you receive your report ready-made, as an excel file, pdf file, or as an email… or in whichever form you need.

You receive a monthly standard report via email and semiannual reports with an overview, as well as a yearly personal presentation on site with a consultation.

Through a graphic record of all data corresponding to your needs, you recognize the individual and overall costs of your telecommunication. You can get the module in either standardized or individualized form. So don´t continue to put your data together yourself, instead let us report it to you.

  • Management and report
  • As one part of a strategy formation
  • Basis for changes in tariff or threshold value


Screens your processes as a whole.

Knowing where you stand: with mobility Process we carefully scrutinize your corporate processes to then respond appropriately. In most cases, we can simplify or slim down processes and thus save you costs and effort, for example with pre-built modules or with especially developed methods. The respective billing data are always listed in accordance with your requirements. Our mobility Process seamlessly fits in with your overall data flow, for example using ERP interfaces – for a point of reference that is always transparent.


Central management of your mobile devices.

Remote access to smartphones, notebooks, tablets; special app developments, preconfiguration of hardware, and demonstrating optimal device use: With Mobile Device Management, we support you both through goal-oriented advice and in the management of your mobile devices.

  • Orientation through MDM Consulting
  • Security through MDM Management
  • Time saving through preconfiguration
  • Individual app developments
  • And much more!


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