SH - TelekommunikationWhether mobile communications, fixed-line networks, TC systems or IT questions: each business and each company in Germany has its own requirements regarding telecommunication. SH business COM works nationwide and offers two distinct advantages that can lower your costs and optimize your operations.

First and foremost, we are communication enthusiasts, and thus we are practitioners rather than just being theorists, vendors or technology freaks. For the past 20 years we have encountered every possibility in the area of telecommunication – so far, 5.000 clients have profited from this experience. We use the whole product range in communication to create modern solutions for companies all over Germany.

Secondly, we are completely independent.
We are not obliged to any supplier but we are obliged exclusively to our customers. For you, we find out which technologies make sense and which investment pays off. You will learn from us how your work can become faster and more profitable but also what might be risky for your company. And: we can explain everything to you in a easily understood terms. For, as we´ve said before: we are practitioners!

Your advantages with SH business COM:

  • Knowing what matters through our consulting and planning
  • Working with a single consultation source: we develop your solution and implement it ourselves
  • Forging ahead: we help create working mobility without frictional losses
  • True partnership: consultants and coaches who know your needs and requirements
  • A good feeling: you are constantly using state-of-the-art technological communication solutions

You would like to know in detail how you could improve your communication? Ask us at+49 7643 8006-0, we´ll be pleased to be of service to you.