Because we are independent

If we, for example, recommend a certain host to you, it is not because they are the ones paying us the highest commission but because they are the best choice for your particular situation. The same is true for tariffs, manufacturers, providers.

Our objective is always the crucial answer to the question: what is optimal for your needs? Only then do we search for the best on the market. We are primarily experts and consultants and only secondly vendors. And we are always independent.

Because we are big enough

As a medium-sized enterprise which has continuously grown for many years, we are well-established on the market. About 100 skilled employees work in our subsidiaries in Herbolzheim, Karlsruhe and Cologne. Moreover, we have a nationwide sales and distribution network with partners at 30 locations.

Thus, SH business COM is among the biggest and most efficient communication centers in Germany. So whether it is about the new telephone system, data networks, or about a highly complex and sophisticated IT strategy: we have the right experts for every situation. And you can also just ask them for a new mobile phone.

Because we have the expertise

The telecommunication industry is huge and its offerings are constantly changing. Keeping track of it all requires expertise. It can be said that we have worked to achieve this status over the past 20 years while serving 5.000 business customers. We have acquired our extensive technical know-how from the bottom up and are keen on always being on the cutting edge.

That enables us to combine the best products and services of every relevant manufacturer, telephone company, carrier and provider for you in the application areas appropriate to your needs. Our bottom line is a harmonious and coherent whole.

Because there are more important things

Is environmental protection a reason to choose SH business COM? If it’s relevant to think outside the box: yes. We don´t want to leave our responsibility as human beings behind at the company doorstep. It´s not necessary to do the ‘right thing’ but it’s nice to know that our company shirts are organic and fair-trade. So are our coffee, tea, and chocolate, and our cookies - all the way to the gifts presented at staff jubilees. A few other things we do for the environment:

  • Our heating and air-conditioning are regulated geothermally, without using oil or gas
  • The photovoltaic installation on the roof produces pure green power
  • Our print advertising process is carbon-neutral
  • All of our power is generated by 100% green energy
  • We serve beverages in glass bottles instead of using plastic
  • All our paper is made of recycled material
  • We regularly collect old mobile phones for a good cause – to learn more about that, please visit the section „steps for green“

With the initiative “Steps for Green”, SH business COM regularly supports social institutions focusing on helping humans, animals, or the environment.

Employees, business partners, and friends of the company may contribute to make the world a better place step by step. Will you come along?

The most important thing on this planet is not telecommunication – it is the planet itself!