Open space and freedom for competence and character

Would you like to work in a company where your professional strong points are primarily called for, and to a lesser extent your representational strong points? Where mutual appreciation is the basis for team spirit and success? If that´s the case, SH business COM is well worth your consideration.

Arbeiten bei SH

Naturally, your basics are first-class technical qualifications. But how you are as a type, as a character, does matter. Because we at SH are open to friendly and communicative cooperation with each other, all the way from management to interns. You should be able to use our extensive freedom and many open spaces for working efficiently- both for yourself and for our company. That way, working is enjoyable! That´s evident when you look at the loyalty of our employees- they stay with us! Maybe you can also fit into our team and find an exciting position – and a professional home too.

No philopsophy:
be authentic, remain credible.

When the “Chief Executive Account Officer” plays his or her power games with the “Customer Communications Developer” and the “Junior Sale Account” diligently takes the minutes… we are not at SH business COM.

At our company, people simply say that they are an expeditor or a director or accountant and call each other Stefan, Sylke, or Frank. We believe more in people than in titles. Where an individual can participate actively and freely, he or she has more self-confidence and thus can significantly advance both individually and as part of the company. That´s why we are grounded but not outdated; honest but not naïve. We meet eye to eye and with appreciation and respect for every individual we deal with. That´s not a big philosophy, but it´s common sense.